Eye Drawing Lesson Guides and Video Tutorials


I have always loved drawing eyes. They look complex, but can be surprisingly easy to draw and students love learning something they can do outside of the art room. This post is jam packed with three video tutorials, three lesson plan ideas, and lot’s of student work examples perfect to tailor for your own classroom and age group.

ART TEACHERS: This is jam packed with THREE lesson ideas, THREE video tutorials and loads of student artwork! Perfect to tailoring to your own classroom and age group.

I love the rhythm of a school schedule. Looking at a calendar and seeing my year broken into chunks of work and rest give me a sense of clarity.

That being said, nothing is more real than the anxiety and panic of a Sunday night after a long break. (Or any Sunday night?).

Did I set my alarm correctly? Did I print my new rosters? Will I even remember how to teach? What if my classroom flooded through the ceiling and there is a giant brown puddle in the middle of the floor?…

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