This watercolor time lapse painting explores organic flower shapes tightened up with Micron pens.

Daily Doodle: Watercolor Flowers (again!)

I can’t stop painting watercolor blobs and then adding Micron pen details. The random flow of the paint is so therapeutic after a hectic day in the classroom. The pen brings out my obsessive nature, which is equally as therapeutic! Continue reading Daily Doodle: Watercolor Flowers (again!)

Watercolor fish time lapse painting. After looking at several Matisse still life paintings with goldfish with my students I was inspired to paint fish myself! Watercolor is a great medium for fish and adding pen at the end tightens up this sketch.

Watercolor Fish: Daily Doodle

My 6th grade students are starting their cacti and succulent still life artworks and we have been looking at Matisse paintings. I forgot how complex and interesting these paintings are! The goldfish are a vibrant detail that my students always notice. I was so inspired by them myself that I got out my watercolors and painted a couple fish. I love the watercolor effect with … Continue reading Watercolor Fish: Daily Doodle

Nine inspiring artist to make your teaching more diverse. My top list of artists ranging from sculpture, photography, illustration and landscape painting. Help your students see a broader perspective in your art classes.

9 Inspiring Artists to Make Your Teaching More Diverse

The history of art is as diverse as humankind. We have been creating art across centuries to connect between language, class, culture, color and gender and all aspects of the human experience. When I first started teaching I was very overwhelmed with the feeling of responsibility. I had over a hundred faces looking up to me (literally) that looked very different from mine and had … Continue reading 9 Inspiring Artists to Make Your Teaching More Diverse