gray scale pet portrait Sticky post

Gray Scale Pet Portrait

This beginner friendly pet portrait tutorial will show you how to mix a variety of gray values to capture the likeness of your pet! All you need is a gray scale animal photograph, black and white paint, an accent color for your background and a couple round (or whatever you prefer!) paintbrushes. Learn the basics of mixing paint with this gray seven step value scale: … Continue reading Gray Scale Pet Portrait

Tree of Life Acrylic Painting Lesson Plan Sticky post

Tree of Life Acrylic Painting Lesson Plan

TESTING SEASON. One of the most dreaded words in a teacher’s vocabulary. Testing completely throws off any routine or schedule we’ve worked hard all year to maintain! For my school, we completely flip-flop schedules and have SILENT transitions and SILENT lunches. Silent is not in a 10-12 year old’s vocabulary. During test seasons, I try to teach a lesson that is so interesting and engaging … Continue reading Tree of Life Acrylic Painting Lesson Plan

Multi-grade still life lesson plan using acrylic paint and a variety of collage techniques!

Mixed Media Cactus Plant Still Life

One of my goals this year was to teach more drawing and painting from direct observation. I’ve always loved drawing and painting plants, and lately I’ve been obsessed with watercolor cactus doodles. I knew I wanted student’s to draw cactus plants but I didn’t have any for them to observe. A quick email sent to my coworkers provided plenty of plants and inspiration! Our Spanish … Continue reading Mixed Media Cactus Plant Still Life

Leftover Acrylic Paint Textured Backgrounds

Do you have leftover paint from a project that you don’t want to waste? These textured backgrounds are easy, so much fun and uses leftover paint that would normally be wasted! I had over 30 paint palettes with random amounts and color leftover from our still life unit. Students love picking out the dried acrylic molds (blows their mind) but I hated the thought of … Continue reading Leftover Acrylic Paint Textured Backgrounds