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Inside My Head Collage

Classroom Ready Guided Tutorial: We are living in historic times. Students today are surrounded by uncertainty and disrupted routines. I like to think I am a well adjusted adult, and I am STRUGGLING with how my daily life has changed in 2020. Creating art is such a powerful tool to explore our thoughts, emotions, beliefs and values. I tell my students as often as possible … Continue reading Inside My Head Collage

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4 Artworks You Can Do At Home

We all have a little extra time on our hands. Try these four artworks at home to embrace your creativity during these uncertain weeks. All you need are colored pencils, watercolor paint, a pen or pencil and a glue stick. <3 1. Colored Pencil Plant Drawing Learn how to use basic colored pencils to shade and blend a zoomed in succulent plant so that it … Continue reading 4 Artworks You Can Do At Home

Jazz Printmaking & Collage Art Lesson Plan Sticky post

Jazz Collage and Printmaking: Cross Curricular Art Unit

This cross curricular unit started with a question: How can I incorporate printmaking in my art class without a printing press and without the budget to buy linoleum or carving tools? Printmaking has always been my weak area in my teaching game. I’ve always felt like it’s a lot of extra work for unpredictable results. Forgive me, printmakers!!!! As an artist, I prefer to draw … Continue reading Jazz Collage and Printmaking: Cross Curricular Art Unit

Multi-grade still life lesson plan using acrylic paint and a variety of collage techniques!

Mixed Media Cactus Plant Still Life

One of my goals this year was to teach more drawing and painting from direct observation. I’ve always loved drawing and painting plants, and lately I’ve been obsessed with watercolor cactus doodles. I knew I wanted student’s to draw cactus plants but I didn’t have any for them to observe. A quick email sent to my coworkers provided plenty of plants and inspiration! Our Spanish … Continue reading Mixed Media Cactus Plant Still Life