Donut Oil Pastel Lesson Plan

My students LOVE drawing donuts. They look forward to it all year when they see the donut artwork hanging from previous classes. This unit is jam packed with art concepts, techniques, vocabulary and so many opportunities to spark creativity. Obviously, I am majorly inspired by Wayne Thiebaud. He was introduced to me by my best friend (who is also an artist, check her amazing work … Continue reading Donut Oil Pastel Lesson Plan

Art lesson plan and video tutorials! Expressive mask sculptures using cardboard and oil pastels. So many art history and cultural connections and great for art teachers on a budget! Sticky post

Expressive Masks: Picasso & African Mask Lesson Plan

Every new art teacher can relate to the first moment they walk into their inherited art room.  What did the former teacher leave behind?  What supplies will be found in the Narnia of the art education world: THE SUPPLY CLOSET?! Maybe the previous teacher was a hoarder (guilty).  Or a type A super organizer (not guilty).  Or maybe you are the lucky teacher who gets … Continue reading Expressive Masks: Picasso & African Mask Lesson Plan