Learn how to paint flowers using simple colors and shapes with this watercolor time lapse tutorial! Sticky post

Daily Doodle: Black Eyed Susan Painting

It finally feels like spring and I am so inspired by all of the flowers starting to pop up. My favorite flower are Black Eyed Susans, I love how simple and hearty they are! My mom planted tons of them for my backyard wedding in 2017 and we both love watching them pop up each year. Continue reading Daily Doodle: Black Eyed Susan Painting

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Daily Doodle: Crappie Painting

Growing up on the lake, fishing with my dad and grandad was my favorite thing. My siblings and I always thought it was hilarious anytime someone caught a black crappie and loved the excuse to call it a “crappy fish”. https://youtu.be/o72ECTIOdYw Continue reading Daily Doodle: Crappie Painting