Learn how to paint the easiest tulip ever using simple colors and shapes with this watercolor time lapse tutorial!

Daily Doodle | Easiest Tulip Painting Ever

One of the hardest things about creating art is knowing when to stop. This watercolor doodle was an attempt at keeping a tulip as simple as possible! Only a few washes of color with a slight range of value and highlights to make it pop and I called it finished! I let my colors swirl into each other without trying to overwork how they layers. … Continue reading Daily Doodle | Easiest Tulip Painting Ever

Daily Doodle: Crappie Painting

Growing up on the lake, fishing with my dad and grandad was my favorite thing. My siblings and I always thought it was hilarious anytime someone caught a black crappie and loved the excuse to call it a “crappy fish”. https://youtu.be/o72ECTIOdYw Continue reading Daily Doodle: Crappie Painting