Daily Doodle: Crappie Painting

Growing up on the lake, fishing with my dad and grandad was my favorite thing. My siblings and I always thought it was hilarious anytime someone caught a black crappie and loved the excuse to call it a “crappy fish”. https://youtu.be/o72ECTIOdYw Continue reading Daily Doodle: Crappie Painting

Donut Oil Pastel Lesson Plan

My students LOVE drawing donuts. They look forward to it all year when they see the donut artwork hanging from previous classes. This unit is jam packed with art concepts, techniques, vocabulary and so many opportunities to spark creativity. Obviously, I am majorly inspired by Wayne Thiebaud. He was introduced to me by my best friend (who is also an artist, check her amazing work … Continue reading Donut Oil Pastel Lesson Plan

Full lesson plan and complete video tutorials! Great for teaching beginners how to use acrylic paint. Sticky post

Monochromatic Night Landscape: Art Lesson Plan and Video Tutorials

I used to be scared to give acrylic paint to my 5th graders. ACRYLIC PAINT STAINS FOREVER would flash through my mind any time I imagined my youngest artists. They still fall out of their chairs! They still rocket puke without warning! With experience, I realized that when you give nice art supplies to kids they take more pride in their work and they make … Continue reading Monochromatic Night Landscape: Art Lesson Plan and Video Tutorials