3 Artworks You Can Make With Air Dry Clay

3 Artworks You Can Create With Homemade Air Dry Clay

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Homemade Clay Recipe:

Make your own air dry using three ingredients you already have in your kitchen! I have created several of my favorite clay lessons out of this clay and it is perfect if you are stuck at home without your art supplies.

-Baking Soda 2 cups

-Cornstarch 1 cup

-Water 1 1/4 cups

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Clay Mask

This is one of my favorite clay lessons adapted to be done at home with homemade modeling clay or whatever clay you have on hand. I will show you how to sculpt facial features to show expression and mood.

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Crayola Markers on Air Dry Clay

I will show you how to use Crayola markers on air dry clay to create a watercolor antique decoration on top of air dry clay! I will also show you how to use basic materials to patch any broken pieces or cracks in your air dry clay.

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Clay Desserts

Learn how to sculpt a cupcake and a piece of pie from air dry clay! The cupcake tutorial IS SO EASY anyone (seriously) can create a successful cupcake. Take your skills to the next level with a pie that has lattice crust. I will also show you how to mix primary colors and white to create a color scheme that looks as delicious as it does realistic.

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Cutest Clay Cactus Plants

All you need is some modeling clay and watercolor paints to make these easy and therapeutic clay cactus plants!

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