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Monochromatic Pet Portrait

Monochromatic pet portraits teach the basics of painting while giving students ownership of their subject matter.  Pets are a subject matter that consistently bring happiness to students and allow them to focus on realism and blending value and color.  We started by practicing blending shades and tints using a set of primary base colors.  I like to start with grayscale so they can see how … Continue reading Monochromatic Pet Portrait

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Clay Bust Art Lesson

This clay bust art lesson is a fantastic way for students to explore figurative art, personal expression and a variety of handbuilding techniques. Do you have a short attention span like me? This quick video will show you all the steps. Clay Bust Video Tutorial This video tutorial is classroom ready and will show you and your students every step of this clay bust art … Continue reading Clay Bust Art Lesson

Amaco Underglazes & Watercolor Underglazes Sticky post

Amaco Underglazes and Watercolor Underglazes

I love to use amaco underglazes and watercolor underglazes because the results are more painterly and easier to control.  Amaco underglazes are simply colored clay, so it is just clay, a little water and pigment.  You can use underglazes on clay before it ever goes in the kiln or it can be applied on bisqueware, which is what I prefer. This detailed tutorial is ready … Continue reading Amaco Underglazes and Watercolor Underglazes

clay mask portrait lesson Sticky post

Expressive Clay Portrait Lesson

If you are looking for a great secondary clay artwork, this expressive clay portrait lesson is my all time favorite!  Students get to learn the basics of clay while exploring expression and facial features.  There are so many directions to take and tons of artists to inspire your students. It is also a cost effective lesson that does not require much clay per student. Do … Continue reading Expressive Clay Portrait Lesson

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Wire Figure Sculpture

This wire figure sculpture lesson is one of my favorite lessons of all time. It is engaging, challenging, and allows for students to explore personal expression. The artist connections are endless, and using the human body as a subject allows students to explore what it means to be human. Do you have a short attention span like me? This quick video will give you a … Continue reading Wire Figure Sculpture