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Textured Tiles | Clay Lesson Plan

Clay can be the best and worst thing to happen in an art room. It can be a magical and intense experience for both the students and the art teacher. Once students get over the messy aspect of clay, they are completely mesmerized by the tactile and time consuming process. The illusive kiln, the obsessive smoothing, the endless need to score and slip…. I LOVE … Continue reading Textured Tiles | Clay Lesson Plan

Tree of Life Acrylic Painting Lesson Plan Sticky post

Tree of Life Acrylic Painting Lesson Plan

TESTING SEASON. One of the most dreaded words in a teacher’s vocabulary. Testing completely throws off any routine or schedule we’ve worked hard all year to maintain! For my school, we completely flip-flop schedules and have SILENT transitions and SILENT lunches. Silent is not in a 10-12 year old’s vocabulary. During test seasons, I try to teach a lesson that is so interesting and engaging … Continue reading Tree of Life Acrylic Painting Lesson Plan

Learn how to paint the easiest tulip ever using simple colors and shapes with this watercolor time lapse tutorial! Sticky post

Daily Doodle | Easiest Tulip Painting Ever

One of the hardest things about creating art is knowing when to stop. This watercolor doodle was an attempt at keeping a tulip as simple as possible! Only a few washes of color with a slight range of value and highlights to make it pop and I called it finished! I let my colors swirl into each other without trying to overwork how they layers. … Continue reading Daily Doodle | Easiest Tulip Painting Ever

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Daily Doodle: Crappie Painting

Growing up on the lake, fishing with my dad and grandad was my favorite thing. My siblings and I always thought it was hilarious anytime someone caught a black crappie and loved the excuse to call it a “crappy fish”. Continue reading Daily Doodle: Crappie Painting