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Clay Figure Sculpture

I am hoping this school year will be one for trying out brand new ideas or bringing back old favorites. Nothings stretches your imagination like teaching during a global pandemic, right? I always want my students to have opportunities to create sculpture. In 2020, a social distanced art room is very different than the hustle and bustle of a clay clean-up from the past. How … Continue reading Clay Figure Sculpture

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Art Distance Learning Ideas

The year 2020 will be one of those years we never forget. It has completely turned public education on it’s head leaving students, parents and teachers feeling overwhelmed and anxious. This post includes links to FREE full length video tutorials that I have either used, or plan to use, for distance learning. They can be done at home just for fun, in a distance learning … Continue reading Art Distance Learning Ideas

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Blackout Poetry

Download the PDF! This easy art tutorial will show you how to transform an old book page (or anything you have with text on it if you can’t imagine ripping up a book) into a fusion of visual art and poetry. This is a great way to integrate writing and visual art and the results are always stunning. Continue reading Blackout Poetry

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4 Artworks You Can Do At Home

We all have a little extra time on our hands. Try these four artworks at home to embrace your creativity during these uncertain weeks. All you need are colored pencils, watercolor paint, a pen or pencil and a glue stick. <3 1. Colored Pencil Plant Drawing Learn how to use basic colored pencils to shade and blend a zoomed in succulent plant so that it … Continue reading 4 Artworks You Can Do At Home

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6 Artworks You Can Do With Just a Pencil

Download the PDF 🙂 We are living in unprecedented times. I have felt so many emotions since school in Oklahoma was canceled for the year and Covid 19 has taken over our daily conversations. I have had many moments of anxiety and fear, but I have also felt an overwhelming sense of community and creativity. We are all having to approach the world with a … Continue reading 6 Artworks You Can Do With Just a Pencil