Daily Doodle: Crappie Painting

Growing up on the lake, fishing with my dad and grandad was my favorite thing. My siblings and I always thought it was hilarious anytime someone caught a black crappie and loved the excuse to call it a “crappy fish”. https://youtu.be/o72ECTIOdYw Continue reading Daily Doodle: Crappie Painting

Learn how to turn blobs of paint into a botanical painting in less than five minutes!

Daily Doodle: Botanical Painting

I really enjoy the randomness of watercolor. I love doing these botanical paintings, because I can just let loose and let the painting happen. These daily doodles have been a great way for me to let my art happen more often, more quickly and with less planning. I think making time for experimentation is important as an artist, but as an art teacher it’s almost … Continue reading Daily Doodle: Botanical Painting