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Easy Watercolor Tutorials for Beginners

Summmmmmmmmmer time and the living’s easy! The summer of 2020 is the perfect time to engage your brain in something other than scrolling social media in a paralyzed panic. Being a teacher in 2020 has stretched my limits of anxiety and I vowed this summer to let go, relax and paint fun things for myself. This post has four of my favorite watercolor tutorials that …

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Learn how to turn blobs of paint into a botanical painting in less than five minutes!

Daily Doodle: Botanical Painting

I really enjoy the randomness of watercolor. I love doing these botanical paintings, because I can just let loose and let the painting happen. These daily doodles have been a great way for me to let my art happen more often, more quickly and with less planning. I think making time for experimentation is important as an artist, but as an art teacher it’s almost … Continue reading Daily Doodle: Botanical Painting

This watercolor time lapse painting explores organic flower shapes tightened up with Micron pens.

Daily Doodle: Watercolor Flowers (again!)

I can’t stop painting watercolor blobs and then adding Micron pen details. The random flow of the paint is so therapeutic after a hectic day in the classroom. The pen brings out my obsessive nature, which is equally as therapeutic! Continue reading Daily Doodle: Watercolor Flowers (again!)