6 Artworks You Can Do With Just a Pencil

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We are living in unprecedented times. I have felt so many emotions since school in Oklahoma was canceled for the year and Covid 19 has taken over our daily conversations. I have had many moments of anxiety and fear, but I have also felt an overwhelming sense of community and creativity. We are all having to approach the world with a new perspective and tackle our daily lives with open mindedness.

I have been using my unexpected time at home to embrace digital teaching. As art educators, we don’t have to always re-invent the wheel.

We are in this together.

Below is a list of six artworks that can be done at home with just a pencil. Happy teaching or quarantine art making! <3

1. One Point Perspective 3-D Letters

One point perspective is a drawing technique, created during the Italian Renaissance, that gives artworks the illusion of depth and space. This tutorial will walk you through the basic idea of one point perspective by teaching you how to draw 3-D block letters.

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2. Exquisite Corpse Drawing Game

This collaborative drawing game ends up with hilarious results that are just as crazy as the name Exquisite Corpse. Exquisite Corpse is a drawing game invented by Surrealist artists to collaborate and create spontaneous images as a group of artists. This game was also a favorite of artist Frida Kahlo which is all I need to know to love it. You can do this in a classroom, at home or even digitally with people sending their drawings as photographs. All you need is a Word document or any free photo editing app to make your crazy collaboration come to life.

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3. Contour Drawing

Learn how to do three different kinds of contour drawing: blind contour, modified contour and contour drawing. This technique is a MUST for artists of all levels and abilities! Enhance your sketchbook pages with lots of practice and elevate a contour drawing by doing it on top of marbled paper or watercolor drip paper.

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4. How to Draw a Realistic Eye

Learn how to draw a realistic eye with shading using this full guided tutorial!

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BONUS: Colored Pencil Eye Drawing

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5. How to Shade and Draw Patterns | Zentangle Drawing Tutorial

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6. Easy Donut Drawing Tutorial

How to draw a donut in less than five minutes! Easy drawing tutorial with simple steps.SHOW MORE

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7. BONUS! DRAWING: Value Scale & Shading

Learn how to shade create a value scale using a pencil. This tutorial will also show you how to shade a sphere using a full range of values!SHOW MORE

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