Step by Step Sketchbook Drawing Prompts

Step by Step Sketchbook Drawing Prompts

Practicing basic drawing techniques can help artists of all ages build confidence and sharpen their technical skills.

I love having my students keep a sketchbook. It’s a great opportunity for students to practice foundational skills, brainstorm artwork ideas, and write and reflect about their own artwork and the artwork of others.

It’s a great place to hit all of the standards of teaching that are NOT about producing finished artworks! I think creativity and self-expression are the pillars of a quality art education, but sometimes it’s time to focus on those drawing basics!

Here is a list of my go-to drawing sketchbook assignments. These are step by step video guided tutorials that are classroom ready or can be done at home! I love doing these in the classroom, but they are perfect for distance learning in our new reality of Covid-19.If you’re not an art teacher or in an art class, draw along with me in your sketchbook to grow your artistic skills.

How to Shade Water Droplets

Facial Proportions for Beginners

Two Point Perspective

One Point Perspective 3-D Letters

Value Scale Zentangle

Contour Drawing

How to Draw an Eye

Value Scale & Sphere Shading