torn paper galaxy landscape

Torn Paper Galaxy Landscape

Happy 2021! ✨🥳✨ A group of students pulled off these torn paper galaxy landscape artworks on the last day of class of 2020. I was reminded of them waking up to a record snowfall on January 1st, and I don’t know whether to take it as a good or bad sign for what’s to come 😜😳❄️.

Check out my classroom ready torn paper galaxy landscape full length tutorial for several options to make this with your students or at home. ❤️

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This lesson is quick and very gratifying, and my students were so relaxed during each step. They were a little hesitant to add their landscape pieces because they were so happy with their galaxy paintings. If paper and time isn’t an issue, students could make two galaxies and keep one just a galactic masterpiece.

Keep it Simple

If you are not into torn paper collages, you can also stick to 100% painting. I like to create simple trees with watercolor paint after I use white acrylic for splatter. Students think the tape technique is magic, and they are not wrong!

Check out this technique with my classroom ready tutorial:

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This year I started using the website Artsonia to upload student art and as a fundraiser. I am totally impressed with how easy it was to upload and organize artwork from my phone. And it was hands down the easiest fundraiser I have ever tried! Parents LOVED to purchase gifts with their child’s artwork on it and I remember my parents having several mugs and magnets with our art on it in the 90’s.

Before we added landscape details I uploaded these galaxy paintings and students loved having record of their progress. Students also purchased masks with these designs on them too, and I was impressed with the color quality. This is NOT a sponsored post, but this a great way to double up on art fund opportunities and parent communication.

watercolor galaxy landscape

If you are brand new to watercolor, check out these really fun and easy watercolor subjects!

What are you teaching in 2021? I’d love to hear from you. 🙂

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