New Year Reflection Doodle

New Year Reflection Doodle

If there is ever a time to reflect, it is the end of 2020. I usually focus on goals and resolutions at the end of the year, but it felt more appropriate this year to pause and practice gratitude. I made this New Year Reflection Doodle as an opportunity to not only personally reflect on my year, but for students who have also experienced a year like none other.

New Year Reflection Doodle

New Year, New Classes!

I love using creative doodling exercises to help my students practice self reflection, goal setting and creativity through personal expression. This New Year Reflection Doodle makes a great sketchbook or journal activity and can be paired with journaling prompts to help creative juices flow. 

If you have students all year, this makes a great assignment for a mid-point reflection. Coming back to a new semester can be a wonderful opportunity to set new goals and appreciate the progress that has occurred in a visual art course.

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I also like to use this New Year Reflection Doodle concept for a sketchbook cover design. Mix things up by making it a goal setting activity. This creates an authentic and successful first art making experience for students.  It pairs well with the Zentangle method and all you need is clear packing tape to help personalize and create authenticity in your students’ work. 

Reflection in Art Class

If you are looking for more reflection based artworks, check out my favorite collage assignment. I love this because it requires no drawing skills, which will be a relief for some students! This makes a great getting to know you activity and allows opportunities to dig deeper.

Happy 2021- may your year be filled with happiness, light and love. ❤️

What are your favorite artworks to start a new year or course? I’d love to hear from you!

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