How to Draw Among Us Characters

Among Us Drawing Tutorial

Learn how to draw Among Us characters with this easy tutorial! If your students are like mine, they are obsessed with Among Us. I put together this Among Us drawing tutorial video and handout to excite my students, and it did NOT disappoint.

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Among Us Character Drawing Step by Step

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Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the newest trends. I’m still recovering from Mind Craft, Fort Nite and dabbing. And to really age myself, I still have never learned how to Dougie.

I was trying to think outside of the box this week with a fun “what to do when I’m finished” assignment. I try to time things well, but there are always early finishers right before an artwork deadline. Instead of having them just add more to their artwork, because learning when an artwork is finished is a true skill, I like to have an engaging option that will increase their art experience.

I thought I’d embrace the trend and have students draw Among Us characters. They were super excited about it and had tons of information (which I will probably never use :D) about the game. Did you know you can have pets? Did you know you can have hats and purchase even better ones? My students had a lot to discuss about being a crewmate or an imposter. I attempted to use “sus” in a sentence and was met with mixed reviews of mostly laughter and some mild tween judgement.

My plan is to add this Among Us drawing tutorial to my distance learning assignments to spice things up for my distance learning students! I love that you can also shade or add color to these characters to reinforce prior learned skills.

Have fun, and don’t be sus.

Classroom or Distance Learning Tutorial:

If you are concerned about showing YouTube videos, try embedding them in a Google Slide. This will prevent ads or the suggested videos problem. I always make sure I have my Google Chrome adblocker extension up to date so I never have to worry about ads. I also click “loop” to make sure a random video does not pop up and I turn off auto play.

If I am sending out videos for distance learning, I use a ShareSafe TV link to avoid any issues.

This is a fun Christmas ornament craft that my students came up with:

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I’d love to hear from you! What do you do to keep students engaged towards the end of an artwork?

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