Watercolor Drip Zentangle

Watercolor Drip Zentangle

Take your drawing to the next level with this watercolor drip Zentangle! I had so much fun making this because it combines two of my favorite things: watercolor painting and drawing.

A blank piece of paper can be one one of the biggest challenges when creating art, whether you are at home or in the classroom.

Zentangles are a great introduction to the school year because they allow students to be creative while working at their current ability level. I have used the Zentangle method in every class I have taught, and the results are always stunning. Students feel comfortable drawing simple designs or they let their creativity run wild. It’s a great way to get to know students abilities and work ethic while you are setting the tone for your classroom climate.

I also love Zentangle drawing because it can be done outside of the classroom. It does not require expensive materials and can be done in virtually any setting without an art teacher breathing down your neck!

Watercolor Drip Zentangle Tutorial:

This full length and classroom ready tutorial will break down my steps and describe my process. When using tutorials in my classroom I always pause at key moments and chunk it into manageable tasks for the day. Feel free to use it in your own setting.

Watercolor Drip Painting

This artwork starts with watercolor drip painting. I’ve added one of my earliest tutorials below. I created this in the days before I was confident doing voice overs, so it is video only. #2019

I have used this watercolor technique in my classroom a lot, and students really enjoy the creative process. I have used these for backgrounds for a variety of artworks, they really make a versatile and fun pop of color.

Try to have your drips cross over each other to create spaces for your patterns and designs. It’s always a good idea to have a variety of sizes and shapes so your artwork is interesting to create- and to look at!

Recently, I had to leave my students for four days to attend an out of state funeral. We tried out this technique and I was SO HAPPY with the results!

Check out these Lessons with Watercolor Drip Backgrounds:

Zentangle Drawing

Once your background is completely dry, it’s time to start adding patterns. In the classroom I have laminated pattern examples for each student. If you are doing this at home, a quick search of “Zentangle Patterns” or “patterns”, will give you plenty of inspiration. If you are interested in the Zentangle method, try out their step by step structured patterns. They are a fantastic way to embrace drawing with guided steps.

I tend to be more free hand in my drawing, but it is all about your comfort level. A fine point and thick Sharpie were used for this artwork simply because it is what I have in my classroom. I have a personal set of Micron pens that I love to use for drawing and you could even use colorful pens.

I have done Zentangle artworks using just a pencil so we can focus on shading and value. It all depends on your goals and your mood.

I am planning on using this next year to get my students creating right off the bat. The watercolor drip technique really gets students engaged and interested in the course. I’ll put all of my Zentangle tutorials below!

Zentangle Drawing Videos:

What are your favorite ways to draw? I’d love to hear from you!

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