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Styrofoam Printmaking Art Lesson

Styrofoam Printmaking Art Lesson Try out this class friendly styrofoam printmaking art lesson inspired by musical instruments and the Harlem Renaissance! My students loved the art and music connections and there is nothing like the magic of printmaking. I set up printing stations in the back of my classroom and it usually takes three days for a class of 25 to pull three prints. This … Continue reading Styrofoam Printmaking Art Lesson

Jazz Printmaking & Collage Art Lesson Plan Sticky post

Jazz Collage and Printmaking: Cross Curricular Art Unit

This cross curricular unit started with a question: How can I incorporate printmaking in my art class without a printing press and without the budget to buy linoleum or carving tools? Printmaking has always been my weak area in my teaching game. I’ve always felt like it’s a lot of extra work for unpredictable results. Forgive me, printmakers!!!! As an artist, I prefer to draw … Continue reading Jazz Collage and Printmaking: Cross Curricular Art Unit