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Clay Figure Sculpture

I am hoping this school year will be one for trying out brand new ideas or bringing back old favorites. Nothings stretches your imagination like teaching during a global pandemic, right? I always want my students to have opportunities to create sculpture. In 2020, a social distanced art room is very different than the hustle and bustle of a clay clean-up from the past. How … Continue reading Clay Figure Sculpture

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Homemade Air Dry Clay Mask

This is one of my favorite clay lessons adapted to be done at home with homemade modeling clay or whatever clay you have on hand. I will show you how to sculpt facial features to show expression and mood. You can decorate air dry clay with almost anything! I will show you how to use Crayola markers on air dry clay to create a watercolor … Continue reading Homemade Air Dry Clay Mask

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Textured Tiles | Clay Lesson Plan

Clay can be the best and worst thing to happen in an art room. It can be a magical and intense experience for both the students and the art teacher. Once students get over the messy aspect of clay, they are completely mesmerized by the tactile and time consuming process. The illusive kiln, the obsessive smoothing, the endless need to score and slip…. I LOVE … Continue reading Textured Tiles | Clay Lesson Plan

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Face Jug Lesson Plan | Pottery & American History

One of my favorite artworks of all time was taught to me by my 7th grade art teacher, Mr. Lenzo. We created face jugs using clay, drip glazes and even added marbles to the eyes for an amazing effect that my 12 year old self had never seen. It was clear that ceramics was his area of expertise. I don’t remember a lot about middle … Continue reading Face Jug Lesson Plan | Pottery & American History

Art lesson plan and video tutorials! Expressive mask sculptures using cardboard and oil pastels. So many art history and cultural connections and great for art teachers on a budget! Sticky post

Expressive Masks: Picasso & African Mask Lesson Plan

Every new art teacher can relate to the first moment they walk into their inherited art room.  What did the former teacher leave behind?  What supplies will be found in the Narnia of the art education world: THE SUPPLY CLOSET?! Maybe the previous teacher was a hoarder (guilty).  Or a type A super organizer (not guilty).  Or maybe you are the lucky teacher who gets … Continue reading Expressive Masks: Picasso & African Mask Lesson Plan