colored pencil pumpkin artwork

Colored Pencil Pumpkin Artwork

Fall is here and my students are obsessed with all things Spooky Season! Try out these colored pencil pumpkin artworks focusing on blending dynamic color and value.

Colored Pencil Pumpkin Artwork Classroom Ready Tutorial:

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They have been working really hard on color theory and blending with this abstract artwork and pumpkin drawing made a great extension activity as students finished at different paces.

I love using toned paper to get colors to pop. We used Strathmore pastel paper, but even nicer construction paper works. One of my students used black construction paper and her pumpkins seemed to dance right on the paper!

Using expensive colored pencils is a wonderful luxury, but I have over 215 students. We used Blick colored pencils and the results were nice and they blended well. Some students brought in their own Prismacolor pencils and raved about them.

Blick Essentials Colored Pencil Classpack of 240 - Assorted Colors Prismacolor Scholar Art Pencil Set - Assorted Colors, Classroom Pack, Set of 288

This colored pencil blending tutorial teaches all the skills needed to blend and see color temperature when capturing 3D form in a drawing.

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Student Examples